Traffic Surveying Analytics via Computer Vision

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What It Does

Vehicle Counting

Record traffic volumes regardless of traffic density

Vehicle Classification

Comprehensive breakdown of vehicle classes up to 7 or more classes

Asian Vehicles

Detection & classification trained on Southeast Asian vehicles

Data Analytics & Management

Our system allows management of your footages, data as well as reports & analytics


Technology that works


Count Accuracy*


Classification Accuracy*

* Our system’s achievable accuracy of 95% count and 90% classification is dependent on the quality of footages – i.e video resolution, weather conditions, lighting conditions, angle etc.


Machine Learning Driven

Our computer vision based car detection & classification model has been trained on more than 10 years of selected traffic footages. Further more, we have developed and advanced predictive tracking algorithm able to handle many variations of traffic conditions & vehicle occlusions

Adaptable to new vehicle classes

Training Data
Model Building
Detection & Classification


Our Key Solution Features

Various road types

Highways, dual carriageways, junctions and most other types of roads supported

Works for most camera angles

Although we are able to process most angles, we will consult on certain angles that provide optimum results

Lighting conditions

We are able to process both day and night footages, although with varying but high accuracies

Can be trained on any type of vehicles

Our system can be trained further for new types of vehicle classes where required


Cloud Management Portal

Our web based management portal enables a one-stop access to your footages, data as well as processed analytics


Types of Vehicles

Our vehicle classification model is currently trained based on Southeast Asian vehicle types


Sedan • CUV • Hatchback

Vans & People Carriers

SUV • Pickup • Vans • Mini-Vans


Large Buses • Mini Buses


Pickup Trucks • Light Trucks


2 / 3 / 4+ Axles • Construction Vehicles


Motorbikes • Scooters


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